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3 Years and Counting

Three years ago I stumbled across the Monthly Meal Planner site.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  I still use it …



You never know how long a song on your playlist is until you crank up the tension on the stationary bike.

March Snow Storm

I spent a few hours digging out from the 9 inches of snow we got. Gotta think positive. I was burning calories. …


Missed Anniversary

I missed the one year of blogging back in October.  Bummer.  But, in about 1 week is 2 years using the Monthly …

party food

Party Food

I had some friends over last weekend for a “Pinterest Party”.  The idea is, you bring a dish found on the Pinterest …

blackberry cheesecake

Easy Cheesecake ???

I think these count as a cheesecake.  Graham crackers with a bit of sweetened cream cheese.  Then top with berries.  These black …

corn ear

We have corn!

We a planted a 4 X 3 corn field.  I see corn growing.  I can’t wait until they are ready to pick.  Then …

frozen hot chocolate

Desperate for chocolate

The only thing in the house even close to chocolate was a package of Hot Chocolate mix and I was needing something …

fajita burger

Got this off the MMP web site

Fajita burgers.  Made these last night.  Now that I am looking at the recipe again, I forgot the peppers.  But they were …



Just because the fridge has spill (or drip) proof shelves, that doesn’t mean the tipped over pitcher of kool-aide is going clean …